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WordPress Web Design in Reading, Berkshire

Gator Web Design is a web design company in Reading, Berkshire that specialises in WordPress web design, WordPress theme design and WordPress theme customisation. We can work on your WordPress website, no matter where in the world you or your website are located. Contact Gator Web Design and let us know what WordPress work you need doing.

WordPress is typically known for making blogs and indeed WordPress is a one of the best tools and content management systems (CMS) for creating and running a search engine friendly blog. However, many don’t realise that WordPress doesn’t have to be used for a blog and can be used as a very user friendly content management system or CMS to power a website.

Some of the main benefits of using WordPress to power a website are listed below:

WordPress is Easy to Use

The WordPress control panel, known as the WordPress dashboard, is very intuitive and easy to use.  All the features are clearly labelled and operate as you would expect. No HTML, programming, coding or web design knowledge is needed to run a WordPress website once it has been set up.  We would recommend using a professional web design company such as Gator Web Design to set up your website to ensure that it has all the functionality you require and is built correctly. Gator Web Design and customise your site or WordPress theme to your exact requirements.  We can also provide you with tuition in using WordPress, if required.

WordPress is Flexible

The design, layout or CSS of a WordPress website is wrapped up as a WordPress theme. There many different WordPress theme templates available for free or to purchase. Such WordPress theme templates naturally vary in quality and functionality. Gator Web Design can customise and existing WordPress theme or create a new WordPress theme for you from scratch. The beautiful thing about WordPress and WordPress themes is that you can change a theme quickly, which can change the whole appearance of your WordPress website without changing any other part of the website data. Gator Web Design can work on a new or revised WordPress theme remotely from your site and then implement the new WordPress theme within minutes with no disruption to your WordPress powered website.

Powerful WordPress Tool Plugins

WordPress is a very popular website content management system and as such many people have already designed and published what are known as WordPress plugins.  There are hundreds of WordPress plugins available and Gator Web can even produce your own bespoke WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins typically add a function or feature to your website.  Some examples of tools or WordPress functionality available through plugins include:

WordPress to Twitter – link up a twitter account to your WordPress website or WordPress blog and automatically send or tweet new WordPress posts or articles to twitter.

WordPress Backup – backs up your WordPress website into a .zip file and stores it within your hosting package. There is an option to have the .zip file emailed to a chosen email address so that it is stored away from your WordPress website hosting package.

WordPress share tools – adds icons to your WordPress pages, WordPress posts or WordPress articles to share them

WordPress SEO tools – WordPress SEO tools allow the setting of the meta tag items, such as the title, description and key words.

WordPress anti-SPAM – there are tools to combat SPAM or automated posts to your WordPress website; either as WordPress articles, WordPress blog posts or comments.

Easily Upload Images, Audio and Video

It is very simple and easy to upload media to WordPress. You can upload to WordPress popular files such as jpeg images or photographs, upload audio to WordPress such as mp3 files and even upload video. If you prefer to store and upload your videos to YouTube, we can embed YouTube videos within your website. During or after the upload process, WordPress allows optimisation and labelling of the media file, such name, description, alt text and captions, which helps with WordPress SEO.

You can also upload to WordPress other commonly used files such as pdf files or Word files

WordPress is Search Engine Friendly

Making search engine optimised (SEO’d) blogs and websites can be achieved when using WordPress as the CMS. WordPress can be set up so that each WordPress page or WordPress post has a search engine friendly URL (web address). Gator Web Design can also install a tool that creates Google sitemaps and notifies Google when it has been updated. This ensures that all the pages you want to be indexed are.

Previously mentioned SEO plugins allow the SEO meta tags to be optimised, such as the page title, page description and keywords.

With WordPress tags, tags can be added to WordPress blog posts. WordPress tags are effectively key words or key phrases, which may help visitors find your WordPress site

Multiple Users with Different Permissions

WordPress allows multiple users to contribute to a WordPress website. Gator Web Design can create different user types and set the permission of each user type. For example, the could be administrators that can do anything, some users could editor the site but not be allowed to alter or update any of the settings, some could only be allowed to post articles and some may have to have all posts approved. This is very useful for keeping control of your WordPress website, especially if you want strangers to contribute to it.

WordPress Mobile Contribution

There are WordPress apps available for Blackberry, Android and Apple iphone or ipads that allow you to manage or contribute to your WordPress website or WordPress blog on the move. This is very useful if you are emailed an article or item that you want to immediately add.

Please speak with Gator Web Design to find out how we can produce a great WordPress website for you. WordPress web design in Reading Berkshire.

Some examples of WordPress websites or WordPress blogs that Gator Web Design has worked on: